Discover the Benefits of China Boride and Calcium: A Comprehensive Guide

PTG Advanced Catalysts Co., Ltd. is the best manufacturer and supplier of high-quality China Boride and Calcium. Our factory produces exceptional raw materials that are essential in various industrial applications. Boride is a class of refractory and high-temperature-resistant ceramics, widely used in aerospace, electronic metallurgy, and nuclear engineering. We offer a range of borides such as Zirconium Boride, Titanium Diboride, Chromium Boride, and Magnesium Boride, which are highly pure and meets the exacting standards of the industry. Calcium is an essential element for the production of steel, aluminum alloys, and other metallurgical processes. Our Calcium metal products come in different forms such as ingots, granules, and wire, and are of the highest quality.Along with our expertise in material science and advanced manufacturing processes, we provide highly customized solutions to cater to the varied requirements of different industries. Partner with PTG Advanced Catalysts Co., Ltd. for reliable and sustainable products.

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